Hepatitis C

There are 130 to 150 million people with chronic Hepatitis C all over the world from which almost 500 000 die each year because of cirrhosis or cancer. This disease does not spread through food, water, or casual contact.

Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by a virus which spreads through the blood or body fluids of an infected person.

You can be contaminated:

  • By sharing drugs and needles
  • By having sex, especially if you have an STD, an HIV infection, several partners, or have rough sex
  • By using infected needles
  • In case of birth -- a mother can pass it to her child

There are different genotypes of Hepatitis C in the world. In Algeria the most common one is genotype 1. It is also the case in the United States, Canada or France for example.

Treatment with Sofosled®

A new treatment for Hepatits C was developed by multinational companies, but at a very high cost. Therefore BEKER® Laboratories decided to search for solutions close to patient with Hepatitis C.

Thus, and following the success BEKER® Laboratories experienced by the development of the generic version of Sofosbuvir, Sofos® with 100% proven efficacy, they enriched the pipeline by the development and production of the generic version of the association sofosbuvir with ledipasvir, Sofosled®, at a cost 50 times lower than the branded drug.

Sofosled® is a drug used to treat infection with hepatitis C in adults (18+). One daily pill is sufficient to eliminate the Hepatitis C virus from your blood after a while.

Sofosled® is an interferon free which means that the patient does not have to combine this drug with interferon injections (Peginterferon). It can be taken alone or in combination with ribavirin. Please refer to your doctor for the details of your treatment.

 One pill a day

 Bioequivalence in Vivo & In Vito

 treatment length reduced to 12 weeks

 Effective treatment in 95% of cases.

 Worldwide shipping

 Cuts treatment costs in ha